Zoom Christingle

To join our Zoom Christingle Service:


Meeting ID: 885 1498 9149
Passcode: 642341

During the service:

We’d love to see people dressed up as characters in the Christmas story. Who will you be? (Don’t worry, it isn’t compulsory!)

If children have instruments they would like to blow or bash during the first song it will add to the sense of celebration! (We can always hit the mute button!)

If you would like to colour in an animal facemask, you can download templates here:

How to make a Christingle:

If you live locally, we have some “Christingle kits” with candles, ribbon, cocktail sticks and foil. You’ll need to add an orange and some soft sweets or dried fruit. Just send an email with your name and address and we’ll drop it off to you:


How to donate to The Children’s Society:

The Children’s Society work with some of the most disadvantaged children. Please hold their work in your prayers. If you are able to support them financially, please click here: