Daily Prayer

Join Christians throughout the Church in morning and evening prayer for today.

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Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer
Night Prayer

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There are lots of ways to find out more about Christian faith – some churches run special introductory courses, or can point you in the direction of books or talks which might interest you.

There are some internet sites which explain what the Church believes.  A good place to start is by following the link to the Church of England website on the left of this page.  Other sites to try are www.rejesus.co.uk and www.christianity.org.uk.

We believe in trying to live our lives in the image of God our Creator and his Son, Jesus Christ, who became human to share our lives with us.  In our worship we build our relationship with God through Jesus as we come to understand more about him and about ourselves.  We receive God’s word and receive his grace through the Bible and the sacraments.  The central commandment of Jesus’ ministry was that we should love our neighbours: in the work and worship of the Church we try to express that love for each other and for our neighbours throughout the world.

All Saints’ Church is part of the Church of England which is a member of the worldwide ‘Anglican Communion’.  There are millions of Anglicans across the world and we believe ourselves to be part of the catholic church which began with the first apostles of Jesus.  You can find out more about anglicanism by clicking on this link or by looking at the official website of the Anglican Communion.